Audio producer - Sound Designer

Sound designing is like carving a sculpture , every single detail matters. Music is to translate feelings into
audible tunes and harmony. It is what has driven my passion into the magic of music and sound
designing. Sound design and music talk, express feelings and deliver the subtle meaning that hides
behind words and actions. My passion is to create, innovate to make sounds tell feelings and beats
dance. To let the magic of sound speak our hearts.



I am a creative, reliable and professional sound engineer based in Alexandria, Egypt. My expertise in sound engineering includes areas such as synthetic additions, auto tuning, mixing tracks; create sound design for all genres of video production and movies. With a solid commitment to achieving sound excellence, I excel at utilizing various technical equipment and software programs, along with my keen musical ear, to ensure optimal sound quality.

I have been working in the field of audio engineering for the past 11 years after being apprenticed by one of the best sound engineers in Egypt (Amir Mahrous) who has added a lot to my knowledge and has enriched my experience in the field of audio engineering. I have also supported my career with many courses from international institutions like Berklee College of music and other international workshops.
I Co-founded Figleaf audio studio in 2011, a part of Figleafstudios , one of the qualified production houses in Alexandria which has taken part in many local and international video/ audio projects of all genre.Since 2016, I joined the BA studio team of Bibliotheca Alexandrina which is considered to be one of the most qualified cultural organizations in the world.
In addition to being fond of music, the magic of sound design has taken a big share of my interest in the past few years. I have designed sound for numerous fiction and non- fiction films and commercials which has aroused the need for supporting our studio with 5.1 surround system to be able to provide the highest possible quality needed for international film festivals
I am a recording, mixing, mastering, sound designing and audio restoration engineer, working with hundreds of musicians
directors and producers across diverse musical genres and earning consistent praise for sound quality excellence

Kids Projects

Kids projects are fun and entertaining, but since every product produced for kids is educational in nature, it requires being meticulous, accurate and expressive, and over all, done with a lot of love