Audio producer - Sound Designer

Sound design and audio post production play a important role in elevating your film to the next level. From creating the right atmosphere and emotional impact, to helping the audience better understand the story and characters, sound plays a critical part in making a film successful.

I'm a professional sound Designer From Egypt. My expertise in sound engineering includes areas such as synthetic additions, auto tuning, mixing tracks , create sound design for all genres of video production and movies. With a solid commitment to achieving sound excellence, I excel at utilizing various technical equipment and software programs, along with my keen musical ear, to ensure optimal sound quality.

I have been working in the field of audio engineering for the past 15 years after being apprenticed by one of the best sound engineers in the middle east (Amir Mahrous) who has added a lot to my knowledge and has enriched my experience in the field of audio engineering.

I Studied the audio post production for film and TV in Berklee collage of music

in 2010 I Co-founded Figleaf Sound Studio, which has taken part in many local and international video/ audio projects of all genre.
Since 2016, I joined the BA studio team of Bibliotheca Alexandrina which is considered to be one of the most qualified cultural organizations in the world.

In addition to being fond of music, the magic of sound design has taken a big share of my interest in the past few years. I have designed sound for numerous fiction and non- fiction films and commercials which has aroused the need for supporting our studio with 5.1 surround system to be able to provide the highest possible quality needed for international film festivals
I am a recording, mixing, mastering, sound designing and audio restoration engineer, working with hundreds of artist , musician , directors and producers across diverse musical genres and earning consistent praise for sound quality excellence

I'm Keen to Provide full Support for independent cinema and filmmakers since I believe in the importance of the independent cinema in Egypt and the Arab World

Dialogue Editing

Specialized noise reduction techniques to eliminate unwanted background noise, such as hum, buzz, or wind noise, from your recordings. Enhance the overall sound quality and make your dialogue clearer.

ADR & VO Recording

Get high-quality voiceover recordings for commercials, narration, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. A versatile range of voices and styles to bring your project to life.

Sound Editing

I'm ninja on Pro Tools and can bring your film to life, on time and on budget. Depending on your needs and budget, by layering sounds I can build a sound scape that is unique and engaging.


Capture custom Foley sounds for your project in my recording studio. me and my team will work closely with you to ensure the perfect sound effects for your audio post-production needs.

Sound Design

Add depth, emotion, and realism to your film, game, or multimedia project with custom sound design. Create unique and immersive auditory experiences tailored to your specific needs.

Re-Recording Mixing

With our audio mixing service, we enhance the quality and balance of your audio tracks, ensuring that each element of the sound mix complements the visuals perfectly. Whether it's dialogue, music, or sound effects, we meticulously blend and adjust the levels, panning, and EQ to create a captivating audio experience.

Podcast Editing

Professional podcast editing services to ensure your episodes sound seamless and professional. Enhance audio quality, remove background noise, and create a captivating listening experience.

Album Mixing & Mastering

Professional audio mixing and mastering for your music tracks. Enhance the clarity, balance, and depth of your recordings to achieve a polished and professional sound.


With over 15+ years in the industry, I thought it was time to share his knowledge, to grow the sound community and in turn grow through the community he builds.

Beirut talent workshop (2015)

A Sound Design program by Berlinale Talents in Beirut, Lebanon

El Gouna film festival (2017)

The film team during the Q&A after the screening and receiving the Best Arab Documentary award Directed by Mohamed Zidan

Esmaani 1(2018)

Instructor at (Esmaani 1) workshop for training young professionals on creating audio drama for kids in cooperation with Goethe institution.

( 2019) The Giraffe - لا أحد هناك

celebrating on the red carpet before the premiere at the Cairo international film festival Directed by Ahmed Magdy

Esma3ni 2 (2020)

Manager of (Esmaani 2) workshop for training young professionals on creating audio drama for kids in cooperation with Goethe institution.

introduction to audio post-production Workshop (2021)

teach the specific techniques and strategies used by working professionals during the post-production process. learn a lot of useful information about the audio post production workflow, crew and the skills needed to have your hands on working with post production for films.


Celebrating on the Red Carpet after the premiere at Cannes film festivals and winning 2 prize

"Drama 1882" By wael shawky (2024)

“Drama 1882” by Wael Shawky in the Egyptian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. I enjoyed and was very happy working on the sound design and recording the songs and music for this wonderful epic work.

A collection of different projects that I have taken part in recently